OC Service Dogs Info & Health Warnings 04/23.2019

OC Service Dogs Info & Health Warnings 04/23/2019

Saturday Class @ Salem Lutheran Church/School 9:00 – 9:30 If you are new this is a time that we will review leash work, timing and start teaching marker training We will continue with our regular class at 9:30 Please do not have you puppy/dog go potty on the grass. Please have your dog go over by the white fence.

It is important to us that your dog/puppy stays healthy!


Beware of Foxtails ** We all love to see our dogs run in grass! However due to the amazing amount of rain we got this year. The hills are beautiful with wild flowers and now wild grasses. Unfortunately, Foxtails is one of these grasses that grow wild. This wild grass is dangerous to dogs. There sharp needles burrow into the ground with the seed, unfortunately the seed also burrows into the dog’s skin and enter soft tissue where they can cause serious injury, infection and even death. The seeds lodge into a dog’s nose, ears, paws, belly basically anyplace the dog is in contact with the foxtail seed. Here are some of the symptoms to look for: Your dog may start sneezing and pawing at the affected area. (If a foxtail is ingested or inhaled unfortunately you won’t be able to see the wound.) There are many times there will be a visible wounds, abscess sores, etc... If you feel your dog may have a foxtail that has burrowed into your dog’s skin, in their ear, nose etc... I would suggest you contact your veterinarian immediately. (In the next mailer we will be looking at other plants that cause damage to our four-legged family members) Rattlesnakes Rattlesnakes and baby rattlesnakes are out of hibernation. Please be extremely careful while you are walking /hiking.
Baby rattlesnakes are extremely dangerous because they do not control the amount of venom that they release if they do bite you or your dog. Here are 3 Easy things you can do to help your dog/puppy listen / pay attention to you 1. Feed your puppy/dog by hand

  1. Play with your dog or puppy.
  2. Limit the amount of time that they play with other dogs.
    Class Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 9:30 AM at Irvine Regional Park, Lot 19 (follow signs to the zoo) Saturday 9-9:30 Into for first timers
    Saturday 9:30 AM at Salem Lutheran Church/School 6500 E. Santiago Canyon Rd., Orange, CA in their parking lot OC Service Dogs is now offering: We have now started a new Puppy Train & Raise program. http://ocservicedogs.com/pagep We will be starting a new night class, Therapy Dog Class in May and a CGC Evaluations

OC Service Dogs Believes it is extremely important to help and educate:

  1. We continue to support Independence Service Dogs and donate training and support.
  2. We continue to educate youth; for example, we teamed up with ISDF and had the Girl Scout Troop visit us last Saturday Independence Service Dogs Foundation If you would like to join us in supporting ISDF please visit: www.independenceservicedogsfoundation.org

We would like to thank the follow organizations that have helped us this month: Salem Lutheran Church Stonecreek Animal Hospital Banderas Pet Hospital & Boarding