Dog Bootcamp / In-kennel Boarding Training.  

                        We love your dogs and will train and teach them as if they were our own.  Dog Bootcamp / Boarding and Training; your dog/puppy stays in our home and we work with them everyday! They will get plenty of exercise, stimulation as well as outings to parks and trails.  We have limited spacing so your four legged family member gets tons of training, exercise, love and attention.

We require that we meet you and your dog in person before staying with us. They must be healthy with no signs of disease.  We average 1 dog to 3 person. Please bring their food for there stay. Let us know if they have any allergies. If they need medication or supplements please have instructions printed and easy to understand and follow.

Here are some of the areas that we work on:

1.       Behavior 2.       Crate Training

3.       Paying Attention 4.       Come

5.       Sit 6.       Down

7.       Stay 8.       Place

9.       Neighborhood walks 10.   Visit park

We look forward to spending time with your best friend.  Please contact us for more information.

Your dog will stays in our home with us and learn all basic dog obedience commands plus good leash manners. There’s one important reason to choose our board and train program over others - He lives in the trainer's home, 24/7. All exercise, play and training is done under the trainer’s direct supervision. The trainer is able to observe, train and interact with your dog in a real home environment, on walks, parks, so all of the issues your dog encounters in daily family life can be addressed. Board and Train is one of our most popular programs.

If you can't take your dog with you on vacation, don't put him in a kennel - send him to camp! In our reward-based training program, he'll have fun while he learns good manners.

·        It is the most intensive positive training option for your dog

·        It is the best option for very busy professionals

·        Your dog gets the most one-on-one time with a trainer vs other training options

·        We can teach your dog many behaviors at a faster rate because of the intensive nature of training

·        We break training down into ideal short but sweet sessions throughout the day

·        Your dog gets lots of play and potty breaks each day

·        A great option for those with vacation plans who need to board your dog anyways… why not add training!

·        Think of it like summer camp… lots of fun learning experiences that stay with your dog for life!

·        We will address behavior issues.

·        We send pictures and videos of training and play with us.

Pricing Below 

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